The word ‘batik’ (pronounced bateek) means ‘wax writing’ and this basically defines the craft of batik. Cloth is decorated by applying hot wax to certain areas of the material and then dyeing the cloth. The waxed area resists the dye and retains its original colour. When the wax is removed the contrast between the dyed and non-dyed areas makes the pattern.

Batik at Grennan Mill combines and encourages the use of both traditional and contemporary tools and techniques. Every student is afforded the opportunity to explore the batik process and through this medium to personally respond to a series of specifically designed projects.

  • Drawing and Design
  • Tjanting and Brush Waxing
  • Stamp Printing
  • Wax Etching
  • Colour Study
  • Immersion and Topical Dyeing
  • Preparation of Cold Water Dyes